[Documentary] Dancing with Jikji – /Jikji Code/ Gutenberg? Did he really exist? Was he really the first inventor of the movable metal press?

I just finished watching this new documentary that just got released last month in Seoul. It’s by a Canadian scholar David Redman and explores the story of Jikji – the buddhist book that’s been printed by the world’s first movable metal press but remains almost unknown to the general public. It was very interesting to follow their indepth researches in and around Europe and Asia, and gave me a fresh perspective about ‘What is History’.

I was already aware of the existence of Jikji and its significance, so the stories about Jikji didn’t surprise me much. But what shocked me was that there were almost no records or evidences of Gutenberg ever existing or even the valid proof that he was the one who had printed the famous bible; and yet the entire world and the academia have firmly supported and stood by this belief without any doubts until today.

Would love to discover more about the Jikji story later on.


About the movie:  

Travelling to the French National Library (BnF) to see Jikji, the world’s oldest movable metal type book printed in Korea, a Canadian, David Redman discovers no one knows anything about the book printed in Korea in 1377! Realizing Eurocentrism is at play, David off sets off on a journey through Europe and Korea with Sarang Ness and the Jikji team to find how the print technology transferred from 13th Century Koryo to Europe. Dancing with Jikji, in theaters June 28th, 2017 (Republic of Korea)


About Jikji:


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Gutenberg carried on his printing activities for several more years, but little evidence exists of what he actually published because he didn’t put his name on any of his printings. 

Records of Johannes Gutenberg’s later years are as sketchy as his early life. Still living in Mainz, it is believed that he went blind in the last months of his life. 



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