Hello, I’m Yvette.

First of all, Welcome to my page. 🙂

For nearly 15 years, I’ve been travelling around the world, exposing myself to new surroundings, different people, diverse culture and tradition. It’s been a wonderful journey and I can definitely say I’ve learned much about the world, and most importantly… about ‘me’. Who I was, What I lived for, Whom I’d like to be with, and Where I wanted to be.

“Travelling is about discovering who we are”

For me, travelling was not just about discovering what’s out there. It was a journey to discover what’s inside of me through the lens of new eyes. Experiencing these vastly different lifestyles, cultures, traditions, languages, and perspectives gave me new insights about life, and constantly made me rethink about how I wanted to live my “own life” and make it into an extraordinary journey I won’t regret after the journey is over.

June 1st, 2017

I’ve had this idea of having my own web space and accumulating my daily records for a very long time… Then suddenly, when my iphone stopped working properly just a couple of weeks ago because the storage was filled, I realized my icloud was packed with 50,000+ photos and videos that I took while travelling around the world… and I knew it was time.

So here I am. Starting my first official blog… 🙂 as of June 1, 2017.

“LOVE. by Yvette Yang”

L Hotel Montreal
(c) Yvette Yang – L Hotel Montreal, Canada 

“Experience the most trendy, notable places in Seoul”

At /Love. by Yvette/, I will mainly focus on introducing hip & trendy, sometimes old & classic notable spots in and around Seoul and Korea, as I find a lot of the places that are recommended by the official sources are just too outdated. (that and plus, too many of my friends, my family’s friends, and my friend’s friends have been asking me for recommendations…. 🙂 Now you can just go through my blog to figure your day out in Seoul~! 😉 🙂 ) I will also regularly update photos and stories from interesting places around the world, and toss in my random thoughts about life from time to time.

I hope this blog serves those well who are searching for trendy and extraordinary places, some moments of epiphany, and inspirations to get back on the road. Feel free to listen to my music on the playlist, share your thoughts, and recommend any of your favorite spots as well. I also hope our fate would cross our paths, so we would be able to meet in person somewhere in the world, and share our life stories together one day.

Enjoy & Bon Voyage! 

Stay Connected~* 🙂

xx, Y.