Oscar Peterson kind of Morning :)

Oscar Peterson kind of Morning :)

Good morning,

Listening to Oscar Peterson’s beautiful “Love Ballade”

Happy Sunday 🙂

Chicago Typewriter 시카고타자기

Chicago Typewriter 시카고타자기

20170607 Chicago Typewriter_2

“An original writer is not who imitates nobody,

but one whom nobody can imitate.”

François-René de Chateaubriand, quoted

Lately I’ve been following this new k-drama series, “Chicago Typewriter”. It’s a love triangle story between three writers from the past. This series became quite popular outside of Korea (like in Indonesia, Malaysia..etc) but wasn’t that successful in Korea.

The first few episodes didn’t really live up to my expectations, but I began to enjoy it more as the series progressed about halfway through. 🙂 My favorite part of the drama was when Go Kyung-Pyo, the ghostwriter, recalled a phrase from “Laziness” by Charles Spurgeon, and courageously decided to finally reach out to his love, Im Soo Jung. I was not familiar with literary works of Spurgeon before, so it was nice to be introduced to a new writer.

Enjoy the music & these beautiful quotes from the “Chicago Typewriter”. 🙂

일제시대를 보낸 작가들의 환생과 로맨스 이야기라고 해서 기대를 가지고 보았지만.. 생각보다 초반 구성이 조금 아쉬웠던 드라마, 시카고 타자기..  🙂 하지만 중반 이후부터 좋은 대사들과 배우들의 연기덕분에 즐겁게 보았다. 오늘은 반가운 비가 내리다 보니, 유독 이 곡이 귓가를 맴돌아서 짧게 소개하는 글을 올려보았다. 드라마의 하이라이트는 아마도 고경표가 내레이션을 한 찰스 스펄전의 명시가 소개된 부분이 아니었을까.. 사람과 유령으로 만났기에.. 이어질 수 없는것을 잘 알지만, 너무도 사랑하는 여인을 향해 그럼에도 불구하고 용기를 내어 한 마디를 던지던 그의 모습은 간절함 때문이었는지 무척 인상이 깊었다.  아마도 드라마를 보던 사람들 모두가 가슴을 졸였으리라. 🙂

“불러야 할 노래가 있다면 지금 부르십시오.

당신의 해가 저물면 노래 부르기엔 너무나 늦습니다.

당신의 노래를 지금 부르십시오.”


“When roses bloom and the heart flutters

give me that smile of yours

If there is a song you must sing

then sing it now

for when your day draws to a close

it is already too late to sing.

Sing your song now”

– Yoo Jin Oh, quoted from Laziness by Charles Spurgeon

“If you think of something to do, then do it now

Today may be a clear day

But you do not know if you may see clouds tomorrow

Since yesterday is no longer yours, do it now

If you have a kind word to say, say it now

For you may not have tomorrow

The person you love won’t always be by your side

If you have something loving to say, say it now

If you wish to smile, then smile now

Do it now

Before your friend leaves you”

– Yoo Jin Oh, quoted from Spurgeon’s poem

[지금 하십시오]  by 찰스 스펄전

할 일이 생각나거든
지금 하십시오.

오늘 하늘은 맑지만
내일은 구름이 보일는지 모릅니다.

어제는 이미 당신의 것이 아니니
지금 하십시오.

친절한 말 한마디가 생각나거든
지금 하십시오,

내일은 당신의 것이 안 될지도 모릅니다.

사랑하는 사람이 언제나
곁에 있지는 않습니다.

사랑의 말이 있다면
지금 하십시오.

미소를 짓고 싶다면
지금 웃어 주십시오.

당신의 친구가 떠나기 전에
장미가 피고 가슴이 설레일 때
지금 당신의 미소를 주십시오.

불러야 할 노래가 있다면
지금 부르십시오.

당신의 해가 저물면
노래 부르기엔 너무나 늦습니다.

당신의 노래를 지금 부르십시오.

Chicago Typewriter Wiki Facts:

(시카고타자기/芝加哥打字機) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Yoo Ah-inIm Soo-jungand Go Kyung-pyo. It premiered on April 7, 2017, with episodes every Friday and Saturday on tvN.

Synopsis: Writers that lived under Japanese rule in the 1930’s are reincarnated into a bestselling writer who is in a slump, a mysterious ghostwriter and an anti-fan of the bestselling writer.

Watch on Viki: https://www.viki.com/videos/1117675v-chicago-typewriter-episode-1

“I have read a certain book; when I finished it, I closed it, put it back on the shelf in my library— but there were certain words in that book which I cannot forget. They have penetrated so deeply into me that I cannot separate them from myself. Henceforth, I am no longer the one I was before I met them.”

-Andre Gide, quoted in Chicago Typewriter


Brasserie, Cafe, Fritz in Space: a contemporary venue overlooking Changdeokgung Palace

Brasserie, Cafe, Fritz in Space: a contemporary venue overlooking Changdeokgung Palace

[Brasserie in Space]

Address: 83, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea [03058]
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30~15:00 / Dinner 17:30~22:00
Parking: Free parking available for diners. Need to call in advance to reserve a spot.
Inquiries and reservation: Tel: +82 2 747 8103 / Fax: +82 2 747 6039

Website: Brasserie in Space, at Arario Museum
Google Map: Arario Museum
Recommended for: Romantic, Scenic, Anniversary, Birthday, Business, Corporate, Special events, Archi tours. (Not kids or pet friendly)

Arario Museum is one of my favorite historical & architectural spots in Seoul. 🙂 It’s a great place to stop by for a quick coffee or patisseries before or after the palace tour. If you have more time, def check out their contemporary art collection inside the museum.

The Fritz Coffee company located at the entrance level is also a very popular boutique coffee spot among the locals. (This is their 2nd location – you can google more about the company~ 😉 )

All of the restaurants at the Arario Museum are highly recommended for all kinds of special occasions as this place has an outstanding view of the Changdeokgung palace. Food and service is excellent as well. 🙂 There isn’t any particular requested dress code, but you won’t feel sorry at all even if you dressed up.

If you’re in a rush, but still would like to check out the view of the palace from the SPACE Building, go for a quick dessert or an afternoon tea at Cafe in Space located on 2F. The cafe has just been renovated recently. 🙂 ♡☺🌸🦋

The Courtyard at Arario Museum

20170604_loveyvetteyang_Courtyard in Space2-120170604_loveyvetteyang_Courtyard in Space1-1

Brasserie in Space, Arario Museum

Cafe in Space 2F

20170604_loveyvetteyang_Cafe in Space 3-120170604_loveyvetteyang_Cafe in Space 2-120170604_loveyvetteyang_Cafe in Space 1-1

Fritz Coffee in Space

Afternoon tea with an old friend at Café Madang, Maison Hermès Dosan Park

Afternoon tea with an old friend at Café Madang, Maison Hermès Dosan Park

[Café Madang ]

Address: 7, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Maison Hermès Dosan Park B1F (서울특별시 강남구 도산대로45길 7, 도산공원 에르메스 매장 지하1층)
Opening Hours: 11 AM – 7 PM (Closed on every third Wednesdays)
Parking: Valet Available at the back of the store
Inquiries and reservation: +82 (2) 546-3643

Website: Maison Hermès Dosan Park Home
Google Map: Café Madang at Maison Hermes Dosan Park
Recommended for: All kinds of meetups, but not kids or pet friendly. 🙂

My old family friend came to attend her brother’s wedding in Seoul~* So we decided to have a little reunion and chat over tea at Cafe Madang, located in the basement level of the newly renovated Maison Hermes Dosan Park . 🙂
The place wasn’t too crowded, and we loved that there’s a new exhibition in place. I also loved their tea selection although it’s quite simple and basic; but their tea tray could def improve. 🙂
In overall, Cafe Madang is always a pleasant place to visit.


New exhibition at Atelier Hermes – #AtelierHermes, Seoul. 🙂

“O philoi, oudeis philos”

“오 친구들이여, 친구는 없구나”

About the exhibition: (quoted from Hermes website)

The title of the exhibition—O philoi, oudeis philos—is from a quote attributed to Aristotle by tradition. The exhibition on works of six actively working Korean artists in their late 20s to 30s—Kim Minae, Kim Yunha, Kim Heecheon, Park Kiljong, Baek Kyungho and Yoon Hyangro—is in a collaborative structure:

the six artists bring in the past of Atelier Hermès—the exhibitions held, artists invited, or artworks realized at Atelier Hermès—to the present as if they would call their “friends”, let the trajectory of Atelier Hermès’s past confront with each of their present, and then reflect this again into a “friend” to come—each other’s work to come (or, each other’s work which is not yet realized).

Atelier Hermès’ past decade is touched upon in a prospective manner to encounter the upcoming time instead of a retrospective manner, at this attractive junction of the coexistence of possibilities and impossibilities.

Hermes Home. 🙂